Developing and shipping is gratifying, fun. Everything else that gets in the way of creating and delivering is, by contrast, clearly less gratifying and fun. It also isn't the best use of our time – one-shot learning to feed the process by which code gets deployed is inefficient toil.

I actually do loathe all of the things that you have to do to get code running that has nothing to do with code.  – Gene Kim

My co-founder, Rod Johnson recently talked with Gene Kim, (see “The Phoenix Project” and “The DevOps Handbook”), and Alex Williams of The New Stack on The Makers podcast.

Rod introduces the idea of Self-Service Software Delivery as an important step for unblocking developers and unlocking effectiveness. Self-Service Software Delivery means providing tooling and platforms to developers that remove toil, and promote self-service and autonomy.

Give it a listen on SoundCloud 🔉👂