In a world of many rapidly evolving technologies, no one can be an expert on everything. Knowledge sharing is critical to team success. One of the most valuable forms of knowledge sharing is through automation.

Yet we don't automate enough, because it's hard to capture knowledge and make it available to others. This results in wasted effort, constant distraction, and inevitable errors. Atomist's mission is to change that, through a new approach to automation.

Today we're shipping the public beta of our Skills catalog, which encapsulates knowledge in the form of pre-built automations that you configure to use — like a purpose-built IFTTT recipe.

Now in beta, our curated catalog of automations called skills that are contributed directly by Atomist and other domain experts.

Skills work with your dev and DevOps tools. They respond to events from your tools and automate a particular task so that it happens automatically, every time.

The execution of a skill is triggered by an event-based action important to your team, like a commit, build, deployment, or the creation of an issue.

Get started today by using skills from our catalog that solve practical problems that improve your DevEx and DevOps. Here's a sample of what you'll find in the catalog of skills:

  • Secret Scanner — Find and remove sensitive secrets and credentials that are lurking in your codebase. Secret Scanner checks for 15 common secrets like AWS, Google, Stripe, Twitter keys and more. Add your own custom secret patterns to scan for.
  • Auto-merge Pull Request — Enable auto-merging when pull requests meet the review and check requirements. Rebase pull request branches during the review process so that you're not stuck with a monster merge at the end of code review, and automatically delete branches that are no longer needed once a pull request is closed or merged.
  • Bulk Codebase Updates — Make bulk updates to code and configuration across your entire codebase with the String Replace skill. Update code to use a new function, rename packages, update copyright notices across as many repositories and organizations as you need.
  • GitHub Notifications Get actionable Slack messages for activity in your GitHub repos. These are not your typical GitHub notifications. Each message provides buttons for taking action directly in Slack — comment on a pull request, assign an issue, or raise a pull request from a feature branch commit.
  • Docker Container Runner Run any command or Docker image on a push to a Git repository. Take the load off of your build process by running linting, code formatting and code scanning on each push decoupled from build. You'll thank yourself when your builds run faster because those other tasks are running in parallel.

In the coming weeks, we'll be adding new skills for Kubernetes, Docker, and Terraform. Along with our pre-built skills, we'll provide support for authoring and publishing custom skills. Built upon our event and data models, you'll be able to fork, modify, and create unique skills using your preferred languages and tools.

Sign up, spin up, and use as many skills as you would like. The skills platform is free during the public beta, and we'll continue to provide a feature-rich free plan along with paid plans post beta.

We can't wait to hear what you think. Head over to to get started.